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Work Area Measures 8' X 10'

Air Conditioner

Inside Lighting

Outside Flood Light


Heavy Duty Door


Can be powered by Generator or Electric

Asking $10,000 OBO



4-Head Embroidery Machine



  • A Single PC can control up to 4 different machine units.
  • Different designs and even different types of item can be embroidered simultaneously on different machine units.
  • By setting time lags for each machine unit, the frames can be replaced for each machine unit at different times, so that production can continue without having to stop the whole line.


  • More machine units can be added as needed in order to cope with increases in production requirements.
  • Layout can be selected freely in accordance with factory size and available space.
  • The length of the machine units is a small 810mm, so that they can be taken through even the narrowest of entrances.
  • Increased functionality with a separately driven machine bed lower shaft.
  • Easy rotary hook adjustment.
  • Embroidering of large cylindrical articles (for sewing areas of up to 600mm) is possible by pushing down the cylinder bed.


Machine type

 4 head stand alone

Number of needles


Maximum sewing speed

 1,200 rpm

Stitch length

 (0.1mm - 12.7mm)(2.0 SPI - 254 SPI)

Rotary hook

 Jumbo "M" style bobbin.

Distance between heads


Embroidery area

 Border frame: (450mm x 2400mm)
 Tubular frame: (430mm x 300mm)
 Tubular frame using 3 heads: (450mm x 600mm)
 Cap frame: (85mm x 360mm)
 Semi wide cap frame: (70mm x 180mm)


 Pre setup: 3650mm(W) x 810mm(L) x 1650mm(H)
 After setup: 3650mm(W) x 1400mm(L) x 1650mm(H)

Power source/consumption

 Single phase 100V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V.



Data Storage Media

 3.5 " 2DD floppy disk (Tajima format)
 3.5 " 2HD floppy disk (the equivalent to Tajima format)
 3.5 " 2DD floppy disk (Barudan FDR/FMC format)


 Asking $15,000 OBO 


Call for more information  808-864-3616